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From knowledgeable and personal sales representatives to highly skilled installers, the team here at Hobe's Flooring is well-trained and held to the highest of standards, making sure that each customer experience is exceptional and consistent. We help guide our customers along every step of the process, knowing that great service follows the customer long after the sale and installation.



Laminate flooring is amazing in its own self.  It can mimic beautiful, realisticdesigns such as wood, stone, ceramic, tile, or other materials often for less than the real thing and while affordability may be the feature that pulls you in, the Innovative designs will keep you here.  Laminate floorings also is supurb in its durability.  It has some of the best residential warranties and is resistant to scratches, stains, scrapes, and spills.  Its no wonder why so many of our customers fall in love with laminate flooring.

Natural beauty and lasting durability. The enduring appeal of hardwood flooring is in its timeless look and the value it adds to your home.  hardwood floors can last for generations, so they don’t need to be replaced as often as other flooring options. They’re non-allergenic, a big plus for homeowners with allergies or pets. Hardwood also offers the environmental benefit of being the most abundantly renewable flooring material available. And, of course, hardwood flooring increases the value of your home and boosts its appeal when it comes time to sell.



High performance and the looks to go with it. LVF is the ultimate soution for anyone who is looking for a great looking waterproof floor that is eco-conscious, easy to  install, and easy to clean. It is perfect for High Moisture Areas and resists everyday scuffs & scratches.
Today’s carpet manufacturers have taken various lifestyles into consideration. This has resulted in developing the most foot-friendly, softest carpets ever made. Fiber advancements, weave enhancements, and even advances in backing technologies have created carpet that combines both refinement and durability.



Ceramic and natural stone tile surfaces add both functionality and beauty and can be used effectively both inside and outside a home. Whether you're looking for something as siimple as tile for a kitchen floor, bathroom shower stall, or a patio, tie options range from basic choices to fully customized and handmade decorative pieces that are works of art in and of themselves. There's a great deal of persoanl satisfaction to be had in using tile for the surfaces in your home. You'll add beauty and value, and every time you sit on your patio or work at your kitchen counter you'll know you've done something that the whole family can enjoy.
 The Hobe's Flooring Installation team specializes in custom showers in your remodeling project. We are committed to every aspect of your project being constructed with the highest quality products and workmanship. Our Installers are all  professionals who are certified in waterproofing.